Shadow – Virtual High-End PC

4k Gaming PC in the cloud / 30 € per month flat / GTX1080 / 12 GB RAM / 1 GB/s download / 256 GB HDD / Windows 10 Home 64 Bit

What does work:

  • Extrem fast downloads (e.g 50 MB/s from Windows Store)
  • With a internet connection of 15 MBit/s it is possible to play games like Forza Horizon 4 in 4k Ultimate details with no noticeable lag
  • Burning/Ripping to/from a local optical disc drive via “USB over IP” ( UsbDK)
  • Mapping of USB Sticks/SD cards from local PC to cloud PC (even with Bitlocker enabled)
  • Playing a 4k High Bitrate Video in Nero QuickViewer (w/o HWA) and in NMH (with and without HWA) 
  • Exporting files in Nero Video/Recode with NVIDIA HWA
  • Installing the latest Windows Insider Preview
  • Switching to Windows 10 Pro with own serial number
  • Encrypting user folder with Encrypted File System (on Windows 10 Pro)
  • NEW: Now is is possible to reset the machine to a clean PC (takes 20 minutes), no manual configuartion work needed

What doesn’t work:

  • Nesting: Running a virtual machine (as this is already a virtual machine)
  • Drive encryption for boot drive C: with BitLocker (as no keyboard controls available to enter the password during boot-up)
  • Mapping MPT USB devices (e.g. iPhone)






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