Apple TV 4K 64GB

Why did I buy one, without even owning a 4K TV?

Previously owning an Apple TV3 that doesn’t qualify as a smart home hub I was lacking automations and the Blutooth2Wi-Fi functionality. Now I can control my Eve Bluetooth devices from all over the house and even on the go (Apple’s ecosystem being the only one I trust enough to enable such remote access functionality).

I was hoping to replace my somewhat aged, somewhat big, somewhat noisy gaming console XBOX 360 with somewhat more current with the same fun factor. I bought an XBOX One Wireless controller, installed TVOS13 on the Apple TV (just a flag in the settings) and installed “Asphalt 8” (Racing), “Afterpulse” (Shooter) and “Does not commute” (Brains and Skills) and I am more than happy now to put the 360 on Ebay.

Streaming player for Amazon Prime, iTunes and Sky Ticket. Everything was available on the Apple TV3 already, however the new user interface and the touch remote are just gorgeous. Plus, now I can tell Siri with the touch of one button to play “Chernobyl on Sky Ticket” and instantly enjoy it.

Last but not least comes the app store on the device. Compared to mobile devices the choices are much more limited and you see more crappy apps, however there are many well made apps for your specific needs. For example the Infuse player that allows you to play MKV files from your NAS right on the apple TV for just 0.99 EUR per month.

BTW, recently I attached the little box to a 55 inch UHD HDR LG OLED TV and was blown away about the difference to my 48 inch LED TV. I enjoyed the “Green Book” and the picture is really awesome. So now this is on my wish list, too.






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