The German IFTTT

Maybe you know already the If This Than That service available here and based in San Francisco…

But did you know there is a Bavarian village with just 5.600 souls where a company called Conrad is running an competitive service?

It provides a similar amount of supported devices, triggers, actors. While IFTTT is free to use for the consumer and only the hardware vendors a paying a fee, with it is the other way round. Without a monthly subscription you can hardly do a thing. There is a simple project editors that tries to resemble the simplicity of the IFTTT user interface, but the key features of Conrad Connect is an sophisticated graphical editor where you can do things like if this AND/OR this than that plus very complex things like if this than that and if than that but only if etc. So overall it feels more like a SaaS for Currently it looks like the user activity and the number of recipes shared is way below the amount on IFTTT. If you select a user generated recipe and you don’t own all of the hardware required there is an option to buy the stuff directly at






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