What kind of AI features does Nero offer?

Nero’s core product is Nero Platinum – The Multimedia Suite. It is the professional toolbox for your Windows PC: 7 powerful programs for any task. Over 200 features offer the right solution for every multimedia application. Always up to date with the latest technology. Optimized for current Windows multimedia PCs. Faster and more stable than ever before. Over 25 years of experience in software development guarantee maximum reliability.

Inside Nero Platinum you will find the following AI features:

  • Nero Face Beautifier – It does what the name says, make your portrait shine on every social media site
  • Nero PhotoSnap & Effects – Image enhancement filters, that have been created with machine learning by just providing the AI before/after samples of high-end photo filters
  • Nero AI Photo Tagger – Simplifying photo management with Artificial Intelligence

Nero’s R&D department is continuously improving the existing solutions and is workig full speed on additional features. Nero is offering a yearly subscription of Nero Platinum for 49,95 USD per year that will provide the user free updates and upgrades and enables all the latest features and improvements.

What benefit the user can gain from Nero AI Photo Tagger?

With especially large photo libraries, the main issue is organizational. Photos get mixed together. Birthday parties and wedding pictures are interspersed among images of receipts and close-ups of odd-shaped freckles on an arm or leg.

With the aid of AI recognition, Nero AI Photo Tagger is able to identify over a hundred different types of common objects—everything from airplanes and vehicles to different types of fruit. After being tagged, each photo is conveniently organized into folders by category for fast exploration. “Beach” pictures are grouped together. All the shots of the cat go in the “cat” file. This automatic tagging functionality opens up the possibilities of what users can do with their stockpile of photos.

Those who simply want to walk down memory lane can browse their newly tagged photos by category in their favorite photo management app. For those who enjoy creative photo projects, the Nero MediaHome companion app makes AI tags even more versatile, with the ability to create category-specific slideshows that stream to the television, tablets, and mobile devices. A comprehensive slideshow of all your past summer vacations or outings with the family pet is only a few clicks away.

Does Nero AI Photo Tagger use the CPU or the GPU?

At the moment the software uses the CPU. Nero is working on a extended solution that will utilize the OpenVINO Multi plug-in to distribute the load across CPU, GPU and VPU.

How did OpenVINO help Nero to implement this exciting feature?

Nero’s AI solution utilizes deep learning to scan and identify photos, and it does it on the users’ PC without offloading computation to the cloud. Deep learning involves many computationally heavy layers. In order to perform such a resource-intensive task in a timely manner, the software was optimized for Intel® platforms through the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit. Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ allows software developers to tap into the Intel® Deep Learning Boost feature in 10th and 11th Generation Intel® Core™ processors to accelerate deep learning inference workloads. In the case of photo tagging, the additional performance allows the AI to index swiftly.

Even large databases containing thousands of photos can be tagged quickly and reliably. Not to mention, the ease of using the toolkit allowed Nero’s engineers to spend more time training their neural network model to recognize so many patterns.

Compared to Tensorflow or Pytorch, Intel OpenVINO solution is the best choice for Nero.

Did Intel provide support to Nero during the development?

Yes, Intel did a great job in supporting the Nero team in China and in Germany. The ongoing cooperation is mutual beneficial business wise and engineering wise. Nero believes to have saved at least two man-month of valuable engineering time do to the availability of the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ plus the provided support.

Does Nero AI Photo Tagger utilize the Intel® Gaussian & Neural Accelerator (Intel® GNA)?

The current version does not support this feature, however Nero is working on a extended solution that will utilize the OpenVINO Multi plug-in to distribute the load across multiple computational devices.

Where can I get Nero AI Photo Tagger?

Nero AI Photo Tagger is available as a free download here https://www.nero.com/enu/downloads/

To experience the full power of the tags created you can use Nero MediaHome included in Nero Platinum or any other media manager that supports EXIF metadata tags.

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