The all new Nero TuneItUp Pro!

The new version 3 is here!

Nero TuneItUp Pro for 3 PCs and one year is currently available for 47.95 EUR. If you are already a Nero Platinum Suite subscriber, you can use the product on a PC while your subscription is running. If you already have an active Nero TuneItUp subscription, you will receive the new version at the next renewal.

Nero TuneItUp 3 has been designed and developed from the ground up to meet the state of the art and provide you with an optimal user experience.

The start page contains many basic functions for tidying up your PC. Trash Cleaner, Services Manager, Browser Cleaner, StartUp Booster, Registry Cleaner and Privacy Shield delete unnecessary files, services, registry entries and protect your privacy better. With the SmartCheck, all six areas are checked automatically and can then be applied either automatically or manually, depending on your preference.

These functions are also included in the free version of Nero TuneItUp. All other functions listed below are only available in the PRO subscription.

This also includes the Power Saver and Instant Boost functions. Activate this if, for example, you need to save your notebook battery when you are out and about or if you want to use maximum performance at home.

Uninstall Wizard: All installed programs are displayed here. Well-known programs are classified into understandable categories. The displayed size is a real calculation of the space used on your hard drive. You can select one or more programs to uninstall and will then be guided through the uninstallation process.

Duplicate Finder: Searches a directory (including all subdirectories) for duplicates, i.e. for files that are present several times. This happens more often with media files such as photos and they take up memory that you would probably prefer to use for new and original media files.

Media Files Manager: Find large files on your hard drives quickly and easily. You can filter the list of files found by category and select a minimum file size. If you click on a file in the list, the folder in which the file is located opens. You can select files and immediately delete them with a click on “Delete”, freeing up space immediately.

Smart Disk View: Shows you your hard drive in a graphical view, in which large directories and files are also displayed in large format. This means that you can see at a glance which directories and files occupy the most hard disk space. You can switch to any directory with a double click. Right-click to open the directory in Windows Explorer to e.g. delete files or look at details.






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