Nero USBxCopy – USB stick/SD card multi copy

When the cloud is too impersonal, too slow, or too insecure ….

Wedding movies, films of baptisms and special birthdays, group trips. Most of the time, only one person takes the trouble to record and then edit a movie. (95% of people who record videos never edit them). It takes a long time to make 20 copies of a film with a recorder. An 8GB USB stick costs 3.50 USD today and data is quickly written to it. The compatibility is now even higher (on the PC / Mac without an optical drive, directly on the television without a DVD player, on the game console that doesn’t like self-burned discs).

Of course, this can also be done via cloud services, but it is impersonal, insecure and doesn’t feel so valuable.

In business use the USB sticks as promotional items is great. Especially if it already contains the latest images, videos or the latest software. In the case of training courses, the documents for participants, business reports, etc.

  • Run the program
  • Connect your USB devices/SD cards, they will appear automatically
  • Make sure that only devices are listed which you really want to overwrite
  • Provide a volume name for all target devices
  • Select a source directory
  • Check the settings
  • Select “Start”

First a checksum is calculated to ensure that the data has been correctly written to all devices. After successful formatting, the data are written to all sticks / SD cards in parallel. At the end, the checksum is used to check whether everything was really written correctly.

You can use any USB port on your computer and, if necessary, USB hubs. If you want to copy a large number of sticks, please ensure that there is sufficient cooling.

Price tag: 29,95 USD






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