Experience Web Assembly – WASM – WA

Imagine the same app running anywhere: In Apple Safari on the Mac, Google Chrome on a Chromebook , Mozilla Firefox on a PC, in Microsoft Edge on a Windows 10 PC, in Safari on an iPhone, in Chrome on Android. Basically one binary to be truly multi-platform, written in C++ or other programming languages and even using OpenGL and the webcam. This is possible with web assembly. An easy way to experience this is https://www.funkykarts.rocks Just click the link and try the game yourself.

In this video you can see this game running

  1. in Safari on an iPhone (Screen sharing via QuickTime Player)
  2. in Chrome on an Android Phone (Screen sharing via www.1001TVs.com)
  3. in Chrome on an Apple M1
  4. in Edge on an Apple M1
  5. in Safari on an Apple M1
  6. in Firefox on an Apple M1

Same binaries, same experience everywhere. Just amazing.

If you want to learn more about how to create an web assembly fro your own app, please check out the Funky Karts background story here: https://www.rossis.red/wasm.html

Check out more Web Assembly showcases here:

If you know other exciting web assembly projects let me know as comment below.

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