Apple Photos Memories – Complete list of music – From Virgil Arles to Hans Zimmer

Apple Photos on iOS and Mac OS has a feature called “Memories”. It automatically creates slide shows from your vacations, events and trips you took over the years. It comes with a wide variety of !352! music titles, covering different mood like Club, Happy, Sentimental and so on. A wide variety of artist contributed to this exclusive list, including well known artists like Yo-Yo Ma and Hans Zimmer.

Last updated: iOS 15.3 / 2022-01-31

Check out the complete list below. Click the links to see a preview on YouTube.

  • Dreamy (22 titles)
    All Along by Kina Grannis
    Arise by Judson Crane
    Child by Ryan Farish
    Cymbidium by WMD
    Dreaming by Helios
    Emits Light by Richard Mead (iOS 14 only)
    Evergreen by Richard Mead
    Floating in Space by Airlocks
    From The Earth by Judson Crane
    Holy (Instrumental) from 1921 (New in iOS 15)
    Hypnogogia by Ólafur Arnalds (New in iOS 15)
    Hurricane Prayers by Nick Box (iOS 14 only)
    I Can Almost See You by Hammock
    Lighter Than Air by Zhao Cong
    Moonrise by Ólafur Arnalds
    Moss by Ólafur Arnalds (New in iOS 15)
    Passages by Ólafur Arnalds
    Quebec (Climber) 1 by Bing & Ruth (New in iOS 15)
    Serenity by Tom Ayres
    Signals by Nick Box
    Still Life by Ólafur Arnalds (New in iOS 15)
    Timepiece by Ólafur Arnalds
    Tomorrow’s Echo by Deru
    Wings by Niklas Aman

  • Sentimental (45 titles)
    7_7_07 (Instrumental) by Daniel Ellsworth (New in iOS 15)
    A Lasting Love by Otis Clay (New in iOS 15)
    A Lasting Love (Instrumental) by Otis Clay (New in iOS 15)
    A Light In Her Eyes by Nathan Johnson
    A Long Way Together by Harald Burrage (New in iOS 15)
    A Long Way Together (Instrumental) by Harald Burrage (New in iOS 15)
    A Thousand Years by Christina Perri
    After Glow 1969 by The Larry Goldings Trio
    Already There by George Byrne
    Ask Your Heart by Wang Leehom
    Big Dreams by Robert Miller
    Boy Meets Girl by Wendy Page
    Cello Suite by John Lenehan
    Chronology 4 by Max Richter
    Dream Team Party Kids (Instrumental) by Sin Fang, Sóley & Örvar Smárson (New in iOS 15)
    Fickle Fantasy by James Michael Dooley
    Hard On The Ground (Instrumental) by TOKiMONSTA (New in iOS 15)
    Highway 1 by Cliff Martinez
    Honeysuckle by Honeyroot
    I Have A Family by Rob Barberton, Will Canzeroni (New in iOS 15)
    I’ll Take A Chance On You (Instrumental) by The Inspirations (New in iOS 15)
    Lift by Taylor Lipari-Hassett
    Memo 2 by Ludovico Einaudi (New in iOS 15)
    Memo 3 by Ludovico Einaudi (New in iOS 15)
    Memo 4 by Ludovico Einaudi (New in iOS 15)
    Moonwalk by Ólafur Arnalds
    Our Day by Clearstory
    Our Love Will Still Be There (The Troggs Cover) by The Shivas (New in iOS 15)
    Our Love Will Still Be There (Instrumental) by The Shivas (New in iOS 15)
    Our Time by Beacon Trees
    Part of Me by By the Coast
    Sabor A Mi (Instrumental) by Jonny Blu
    Shimmer by Tracey Chattaway
    Smile by David O’Dowda
    So Young At Heart by Judson Crane
    Soft Focus by James S. Levine
    Summer Suite by Jordan Critz
    Summertime by Rob Simonsen
    Tender And Calm by Aaron Paul Low (New in iOS 15)
    The Getaway by Gabriel Witcher
    The Moment by Robert Miller
    Waiting For Your Love (Instrumental) by Tomemitsu (New in iOS 15)
    We Believe by Jeff Babko
    Wedding Cake by Matthew Oden
    When You Give Your Heart (Instrumental) by Laura Veirs
    With Hope by Analog Heart (iOS 14 only)

  • Gentle (37 titles)
    A Shining Lamp (Instrumental) by Laura Veirs (New in iOS 15)
    A Story Told by Whynot Jansveld
    Aisle by Tajdar Junaid
    Answers by Morgan Kibby
    Bach: Cello Suite No. 1, Gigue by Yo-Yo Ma
    Bach: Cello Suite No. 1, Prelude by Yo-Yo Ma
    Bach: Cello Suite No. 1, Sarabande by Yo-Yo Ma
    Back to Normal by Judson Crane
    Blue Mountains by Gabriel Witcher
    Chronology 2 by Max Richter
    Downsizing by Giles Edward Palmer
    Dreamer by Brian Reitzell
    Dusk by Orchard Heights
    Eager Beaver by Joshua Klein
    Evening Festival by Duncan Blickenstaff
    Fated Breath by Mike Beever
    Favorite Friends by Appalachia Castle
    Happy Trees by Zac Colwell (New in iOS 15)
    Joy On Earth by Zhao Cong
    Memo 7 by Ludovico Einaudi (New in iOS 15)
    Kiddy Wink by Joshua Klein (iOS 14 only)
    New Memories by Tanis
    Paper Ships by Freckleland
    Pixinguinha by Yamandu Costa
    Refreshing Pint by Mark Mothersbaugh
    Soulmates by Homay Schmitz
    Sweet Pea by Justin Hour (New in iOS 15)
    The Circle by Hans Zimmer
    The Climb by Waes Hael
    Treehouse Dreamer by Nathan Johnson
    Uke-A-Dandy by Beacon Trees
    Velveteen Rabbits by Neo Classical (iOS 14 only)
    Very First Smile by Bellflower
    We Dream by Hans Zimmer
    What Colour Is Your Raindrop by Tajdar Junaid
    When It Rains by Giles Edward Palmer
    While You Are Young (Instrumental) by Charlie Cunningham (New in iOS 15)
    White by Paniyolo & Akio Watanabe
    Witness (Instrumental) by Zola Jesus (New in iOS 15)

  • Chill (54 titles)
    3 by Red Licorice
    A Melhor de Todas by Lúcio Maia
    Afrique by Jean-Benoît Dunckel
    Airtime by Justin Hori (New in iOS 15)
    Apple Pie To Goby Clarence Buzz Chestnut
    Back To The Lounge by Driftmob Orchestra
    Bliss-O-Gram by Uncle Black
    Boyhood by The Watermark High
    By The Water by Driftmob Orchestra
    Chilly Waves by Justin Hori (New in iOS 15)
    Clouds by Imagined Herbal Flows
    Coastline Drive by Hotel Cinema
    Come To Life – Instrumental by National Skyline
    Every Passing Hour by Helios
    Feel by Eames
    Funkaholic by Flitz&Suppe
    Grass Skirts by Beacon Trees
    Harbor Love by Charles Rojas (New in iOS 15)
    In My Room (Instrumental) by Gorgeous War
    Komorebi by Catching Flies
    Lady by Mario Grigorov
    Last Exit to Brooklyn by The Larry Goldings Trio
    Lonely by Michael Collins
    Memo 6 by Ludovico Einaudi (New in iOS 15)
    Midnight by Dhruv Visvanath
    Miracles by Tony Lee Stafford Jr (iOS 14 only)
    Morning Rises by Sleepy Fish, Philanthrope & Mommy
    Mountainside by Mark Hadley
    Negril by Brinsley Forde
    Never Thought (quickly, quickly Remix) by Braxton Cook (New in iOS 15)
    Northern Coast by Divide By Nine
    Old Dog New Tricks by Billie Ray Fingers
    Once Was Love (Instrumental) by Gavin Turek (New in iOS 15)
    Otherside by Alex Lustig
    Own The Night by Gary William Short (iOS 14 only)
    Paw Prints by Junior State
    Places by Shlohmo (New in iOS 15)
    Puzzled by Rusian
    Perspective by Aidan Grace (iOS 14 only)
    Repetition (Lazerbreak Remix) Instrumental by Trampled By Turtles (New in iOS 15)
    Rise In Power by Justin Hori (New in iOS 15)
    Rolling Clouds by Justin Hori (New in iOS 15)
    Seasons by Aso
    Seeds by Utah (iOS 14 only)
    Sierras by Orchard Heights
    Sixes by Jumpcloud (iOS 14 only)
    Soft by Washed Out
    Spectra (feat. Lost Terra) by Roary
    Summer of ’63 by Keefus Green
    Sunset Lover by Petit Biscuit
    The Way Home by Wang Leehom
    Too Cold by Justin Hori (New in iOS 15)
    Track by Alex G
    Tropical Sunrise (Instrumental) by Hula Hi-Fi (New in iOS 15)
    Under The Sun by DIIV
    Vera Calm by Divide By Nine (iOS 14 only)
    When Nietzsche Wept by The Larry Goldings Trio
    Wild by Dhruv Visvanath
    Window Seat by Charles Rojas (New in iOS 15)

  • Neutral (56 titles)
    All Night (Instrumental) by Derek Garden (New in iOS 15)
    Anywhere’s Home (Instrumental) by Cortney Dixon (New in iOS 15)
    As Long As You’re Mine by Pearl Charles (New in iOS 15)
    Bright Shimmer by Justin Hori (New in iOS 15)
    Brownian Motion by Baobab
    Crazy Diamonds by Samuel Alexander Worskett (iOS 14 only)
    Crescent by Rob Simonsen & Judson Crane
    Dois Palhaços by POIN Pequena Orquestra Interativa
    Eclipse by Beacon Trees (iOS 14 only)
    Ekta Golpo (feat. Satyaki Banerjee, Anusheh Anadil) by Tajdar Junaid
    Every Little Movement – Instrumental by Mario Grigorov
    Fix by Jean-Benoît Dunckel
    Flapper Jack (Instrumental) by The Texas Gypsies
    Forward by Taylor Lipari-Hassett
    Gold by Rob Simonsen
    Golden Hour by Attom
    HKI-97 (Instrumental) by Haleiwa (New in iOS 15)
    Harmonize (feat. Daniel Santiago, Edu Ribeiro & Thiago Espírito Santo) by Hamilton de Holanda
    Heaven (Instrumental) by et aliae (New in iOS 15)
    Heidi by Jean-Benoît Dunckel
    Say Never Say Never by Andrew Bojanic (iOS 14 only)
    Interludes by Daniel Garrow
    Jupiter by Beauvois
    Kalimba by Jean-Benoît Dunckel
    Lakeside by Rob Simonsen & Judson Crane (iOS 14 only)
    Living by Heinz Kiessling
    Living On Luck by Dean Parks & The Hollywood Broadcast
    Loveless by Jean-Benoît Dunckel
    Magic Motion by Peter Groenwald
    Meadow Larking by Rob Barbato (New in iOS 15)
    Meadows by Hans Zimmer
    Mirrors by Rob Simonsen & Judson Crane (iOS 14 only)
    Nobody Knows (Instrumental) by Trampled By Turtles (New in iOS 15)
    One Love Outro (Instrumental) by Will Sessions (New in iOS 15)
    Palomar by Lúcio Maia
    Peach Blossom by Nathan Wang
    Pearl by Mark Mothersbaugh
    Ringing Through The Night by Benjamin James
    Rouge (Instrumental) By TOKiMONSTA (New in iOS 15)
    São Paulo de Noite by Thiago França
    Sea of Lavender by Mark Hadley
    Signs by Divide By Nine
    Sonata In C Major by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    Springtime by Jeff Babko
    Star by Teddy Leyh
    Starlight by Rob Simonsen & Judson Crane
    Stick ‘N’ A Brush by Kenny Werner
    Sugar Shuffle Beat by Justin Hori (New in iOS 15)
    Sunset Drive by Virgil Arles
    Sunspots by Bob Mould
    The Middle (Instrumental) by Trampled by Turtles (New in iOS 15)
    The Tide Will Turn – Instrumental by National Skyline
    Through Lights by Judson Crane
    Totnes by Jean-Benoît Dunckel
    Walk by Tanis
    When you Were Old (Instrumental) by Scott Hirsch (New in iOS 15)
    Whistler Float by Kyle White
    With Light by Analog Heart
    Zone Ranger by Owen Frazer
    dayaway (Instrumental) by dayaway (New in iOS 15)

  • Happy (43 titles)
    A Musical Joke by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    Always Running by Desoto Jones
    Beeshman’s Holiday by Rob Barbato, Will Cazeroni, Charles Rojas (New in iOS 15)
    Better Than Chocolate by Driftmob Orchestra
    Big Ben by Judson Crane
    Black Highway Blue by The Regulators
    Brand New by Summer Kennedy (iOS 14 only)
    Brazil (Instrumental) by Ray Conniff
    Bright Lights by Michael Shapiro
    Cheeky Street by Werner Tautz
    Consequence Of Style by Jim Cox
    Dancing with Gong & Shang by Wang Leehom
    Days Go By by Rob Barbato (New in iOS 15)
    Derby Day by Werner Tautz
    Fast Life by Gary William Short
    Flower (Instrumental) by Mega Bog (New in iOS 15)
    Feel The Rush by Phoebe Markowitz Ogan (iOS 14 only)
    Frenesi by Pérez Prado
    Funky Horn by Flea Ransome Kuti & Nigeria ’70 (New in iOS 15)
    Get Me Some (Feat. Drew Love) (Instrumental) by TOKiMONSTA (New in iOS 15)
    Good Feelings by Tanis (iOS 14 only)
    Happy Place by Billie Ray Fingers
    Hay Que Luchar by Randall Cooke
    Holding Aces by Isaac Carpenter
    Joey Ramone by Teenage Dance Party
    Love Sugar (Instrumental) by Bosley
    Morning Dance by Spyro Gyra
    Music for the Royal Fireworks by George Frideric Handel
    Nothing But Sunshine by David Quattrini
    Nothing’s Funner Than Summer by Freckleland
    Over The Top by Grupo De Janeiro
    Shelter by Junior State
    Sky & Clouds by Zhao Cong
    Some Like It Fun by Benny Sky
    Soulful Strut by Young-Holt Unlimited
    Summertime Rain by Little North Fork
    Surf Dog by The Kens
    Sweet ‘N’ Lo by Erwin Lehehn
    Swing (Instrumental) by The Texas Gypsies
    Take It by Night Fevers
    Take Me Back by Tanis
    This I Say by Keith Kenniff
    Three Day Weekend by Driftmob Orchestra
    Tire Swing by Gabriel Witcher
    When We First Met by Hellogoodbye
    Why? by Freckleland
    Work That Skirt by Big Band

  • Uplifting (61 titles)
    As We Move Forward (Instrumental) by The Family Crest (New in iOS 15)
    Aurora by David Motion
    Banks of the Ohio by David Baerwald
    Big Sky by Hans Zimmer
    Blank Slate (Instrumental) by Mark Buergler (iOS 14 only)
    Bloom by Tony Anderson
    Blush Puppies by Extreme
    Born (feat. Meaning Machine) by ROARY
    Bright Waters by Homay Schmitz
    Cathedrals by John Lucas
    Chasing Starlight by Adrian Disch
    Discovery by Goldmund
    Distant Memory by Virgil Arles
    Down in the Willow Garden by David Baerwald
    Dreaming Bigger by Tanis
    Dreams by PARISI & AVG
    Emerald Smile by Rob Barbato (New in iOS 15)
    Emergence by Helios
    Flares by Roary
    Gold Teeth (Instrumental) by TENTS (New in iOS 15)
    Goldengrove by Keith Kenniff
    Grace by Eric Kinny
    Grazing by Goldmund
    Happy Times (Instrumental) by Beverly Shaffer (New in iOS 15)
    Hearts Break Free – Instrumental by National Skyline
    Higher by Chad Lawson
    Home by PARISI & AVG
    Horizons by Keith Kenniff
    Hot Dogs In Thai Town by Rob Barbato, Will Canzoneri (New in iOS 15)
    How It Feels (Instrumental) by Ages and Ages (New in iOS 15)
    Inner Glow by Hans Zimmer
    Keep On Livin by Jazmin Sisters
    Last Chance by Chptrs
    Letting Go – Instrumental by National Skyline
    Life by James Brett
    Liftoff by One Hundred Years
    Memo 1 by Ludovicio Einaudi (New in iOS 15)
    Memo 5 by Ludovicio Einaudi (New in iOS 15)
    Mosiac by Steven Gutheinz
    Night (Instrumental) by Jeff Hanson (New in iOS 15)
    O (Instrumental) by Clavvs (New in iOS 15)
    On The Mountain By The Sea by Utah
    Patty Cake (Instrumental) by Captain Planet (New in iOS 15)
    Put The Sun Back by PARISI & AVG
    Revive by Waes Hael
    Ritual (Instrumental) by Draxulas (New in iOS 15)
    Saving Grace by Robin Loxley
    Second Chance by James Michael Dooley
    Smile by Tanis
    Something Beautiful by Tim Halperin
    Somewhere by Airplanes
    Stay Up (Instrumental) by Emily Wells (New in iOS 15)
    The Only One – Instrumental by National Skyline
    The Wonder Of Them by Lisle Moore
    This Moment by Hans Zimmer
    Turning Point by Henning Lohner
    Waiting For Me (Riobamba Remix) by Madame Gandhi (New in iOS 15)
    Walker Special by Lost Bayou Ramblers (New in iOS 15)
    Wandering by Helios
    What A Year by Charles Rojas (New in iOS 15)
    Wishboneby The 84
    You Can Be Anything by Wendy Page

  • Epic (19 titles)
    A Hero Emerges by Lisle Moore
    Also Sprach Zarathustra by Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
    Endeavor by Ryan Taubert
    Finale by Mariah Mundi
    Flyin Home by Hannibal Leq
    For The Kingdom by Lisle Moore
    In Your Nature (Instrumental) by Zola Jesus (New in iOS 15)
    Indestructible by David Buckley
    Journey Towards Home by Shawn Wiliams
    Mainline (Instrumental) by Hot Water Music (New in iOS 15)
    One For All by Joseph Trapanese
    Quest For Glory by John Powell
    Quest For The West by Adam Peters
    Road To Glory by Joseph Trapanese
    The Mountain by Zhao Cong
    The Summit by Hans Zimmer
    Triple Dog Dare by Steve Mazzaro
    Turned The Heat Off (Instrumental) by Mirah (New in iOS 15)
    Victory Quest by John Powell
    Won’t Let Up by Native 51 (iOS 14 only)

  • Club (38 titles)
    A Horse Is Not A Home by Miike Snow
    Airfare by Chris Clark, Aaron Turney, Michael Petrucelly (New in iOS 15)
    B Big by Alvin Risk & Team Ezy
    Block Party Funk by Founder
    Can’t Keep Checking My Phone byUMO
    Divide by Dualist Inquiry
    Climbing by Justin Hori (New in iOS 15)
    Do it Like a Girl by Andrew Bojanic
    Dream Time by Alvin Risk
    Fade To You by Alvin Risk
    Fall In Love With Falling In Love by Zac Colwell (New in iOS 15)
    Firebreak by Alvin Risk
    Game Days by PYRMDS
    Hard To Say Goodbye by Washed Out
    Holdin’ On by PARISI & AVG
    Humble Pro by Cherry Glazerr
    IDK by Bebe O’Hare
    Infinite Loop by Wang Leehom
    Jet Pack by Virgil Arles
    Knight Moves by Chilly Gonzales
    Little by Chris Clark, Aaron Turney, Michael Petrucelly (New in iOS 15)
    Live For Tonight by Phoebe Markowitz Egan
    Livin’ Life To No End by Bruce Fingers
    Moonlight by Alvin Risk
    Never Seen It Done Like This by Sue Perpop
    Pale by Chris Clark, Aaron Turney, Michael Petrucelly (New in iOS 15)
    Party All Night by Sue Perpop
    Reversal by Chris Clark, Aaron Turney, Michael Petrucelly (New in iOS 15)
    Roller Skates by Virgil Arles
    Roof Down by Daniel Heath
    Roof Party by Divide By Nine
    Sweet by Raf Rundell
    Swing Step by Founder
    Swipe Left by Justin Hori (New in iOS 15)
    Train by Roahn Hylton (New in iOS 15)
    Under Pressure by Roahn Hylton (New in iOS 15)
    Wobble by PYRMDS
    Xceleratr by The Black Jackets

  • Extreme (20 titles)
    747 by Chris Clark, Aaron Turney, Michael Petrucelly (New in iOS 15)
    Adrenalize by Root Basket
    Church Bells by Chris Clark, Aaron Turney, Michael Petrucelly (New in iOS 15)
    Darkslide by BT
    Deedz by Andrew James Christie
    Esso by Chris Clark, Aaron Turney, Michael Petrucelly (New in iOS 15)
    Flexin’ (Feat. Ebenezer)(Instrumental) by Rejjie Snow (New in iOS 15)
    Gametime (Feat. Big Freedia) by Boyfriend (New in iOS 15)
    Gametime (Feat. Big Freedia)(Instrumental) by Boyfriend (New in iOS 15)
    Game On by Root Basket (iOS 14 only)
    Kids by Sleigh Bells
    Legend Of The Keeper (Instrumental) by Magic Sword (New in iOS 15)
    On A Bigger Screen (Instrumental) by Pile (New in iOS 15)
    Ou La La La (All Eyes on Us) by NVDES
    Playground by Justin Alfred Merrill
    Plugged In by *repeat repeat
    Rising Power by Zhao Cong
    She’s A Self Made Man (Instrumental) by Larkin Poe (New in iOS 15)
    Start It, Finish It by Age of Menace
    Vizitant (Instrumental) by The Lungs (New in iOS 15)
    We Love Fun by The Bouncing Souls (New in iOS 15)
    The Code by Kyle White (iOS 14 only)
    Truth by Frank Klepacki (iOS 14 only)

  • Special (18 titles)
    Ah Paris! by Max Aruj
    All The Rage by Werner Tautz
    Babarabatiri by Mambo All-Stars
    El Cumbanchero by Xavier Cugat
    Fortnight & Change by Jeff Babko
    Funshine Island by Stephen Andrew Rees
    Golly Gosh by Henning Lohner
    Happy Birthday by Traditional
    Jesusita En Chihuahua by Esquivel
    King O Swing by Gotthard Welker
    Kool Kat by Michael Lockwood
    Mambo #5 (Yo Quiero Mambo) by Mambo All-Stars
    Mambo Jambo by Patrick Warren
    Sleigh Ride by Patrick Warren
    Splendiferous by Hans Zimmer
    The Christmas Crawl (Instrumental) by Ural Thomas & The Pain (New in iOS 15)
    The Dark by Patrick Warren
    The Holly & the Ivy by John Lenehan


    • Hi, in my understanding it is the job of Apple to ensure that music utilized in their slideshow themes are OK to be shared, as this is the whole purpose. As you can see here, I already uploaded quite some on YouTube, and only a few triggered a copyright warning. Those cannot be monetized, but most can. Of course, this is my personal opinion and not a legal advice.


  1. Is there anyway to download or buy any of the music in memories ??
    Some of the music is amazing and I would like to purchase it.


    • Hi Eden, I think there are several options. You can look for the title/artist on any music purchase/streaming service and obtain it form there. However I noticed that many times the songs commercially available a different mix. Alternatively you can play a theme inside the Photos app on your iPhone and record it on your Mac/PC with an analog cable. Or you use a video downloader to get it from a video portal directly (might not comply with certain rules of the portal provider).


  2. Hi, with the most recent software update, it seems the Apple Photos Memories music has been completely refreshed. I really loved one of the previous songs but am struggling to find it. Do you by any chance know which one was the default Uplifting / Happy song that has female vocals but is largely a beat-driven song? I’m slowly going through your amazing list but a lot of the songs can’t be found on a streaming platform/YouTube for me to test. Thanks so much in advance!


    • Hi, maybe you have access to an iOS device that is still on iOS14 to check. This might be the easiest solution. Or if you have a saved memory using that clip you maybe can re-open it and check. Finally, if you have ever exported to a video you can post a link here an I can check for you.


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