Nero AI Image Upscaler – the big update has arrived!


What’s new? Basically everything!

The Standard model is now up to 10 times faster if you own an NVIDIA graphics card, retaining perfect output quality.

Three new AI models are included now:

  • The Photo model, which is based on Standard, but is opptimized for faces
  • The Cartoon model let’s you upscale drawings perfectly
  • The Fast model is up to 30 time faster than Standard. The results vary based on the inital image. For some they are en par with Standard, but for some the difference is pretty big. Just give it a try.

In this new version Nero AI Image Upscaler starts the calculation based on the visble portion of the picture. So you can process the most interesting area quickly and make adjustments without having to render the full picture.

Beside the fixed scaling factors you have now the option to upscale to a certain image width or height depending on your needs.

With a slider you can now combine the AI result and the result of a tarditional upscaling model and blend the two and therefore soften the AI effect.

It is now possible to batch process 20 pictures, one after the other with the integrated image stack.

For a quick try-out 12 sample pictures are included and direct access to images on Google Drive is availble.

If your PC is not up to the task you can utilize the upscaling feature online, too: So no need to burden your PC.







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