What’s new in Nero Video Premium 4?

Nero Start

Via the brand new Nero Start application users will get going with their new product much more easily and achieve result even faster than before. The new user interface with completely updated design and workflows now includes animated buttons, which make the former next/previous page behavior superfluous, and also integrates a last used application function. Another highlight is ‘1-Click Video Story‘, that integrates into Nero QuickStart. Users simply drag & drop photos or videos into the drop zone and their files will load automatically with a pre-designed movie theme inside of Nero Video.

Nero KnowHow Plus and Live Guide

Users can now benefit from the brand new ’Nero KnowHow PLUS. A unique and very comfortably integrated feature is the new ‘Live Guide‘ which simply gives context sensitive help for the application in use and for the given use case via FAQ, manual page and video tutorial. This way, utilizing the Nero Suite becomes even more easy and intuitive. Customers can also send direct feedback to Nero within the given context.

Nero LifeThemes PRO

A complete new package of high-quality movie themes and videodisc menus, and additionally includes a brand new set of vertical video themes for editing, exporting, and sharing a 9:16 vertical video on the smartphone. The pack also includes high-quality royalty-free music, which can be used independently in any video project. The ‘Nero LifeThemes PRO’ templates consist of motives suiting the best moments of everybody’s life: Cities, Landscapes, Pets, Wild Animals, and Nostalgia themes.

8K and AI upscaling

Nero has taken a huge leap in terms of video editing: now, Nero Video not only supports video editing in 8K, but even makes use of artificial intelligence, which allows the videos you create to be upscaled during export. This nifty tool improves details, sharpens corners and edges, and leaves the resulting image appear even clearer.


Import and play videos in HDR, which means with particularly vibrant colors and a high contrast range. Black bars in your videos will be removed automatically.

Nero MotionTracker

Pixelate labels, faces, logos and trademarks in videos automatically. No more legal problems due to violated personal rights or warnings by trademark owners for your videos. The module is integrated in Nero Video and the result can be exported as a standalone video or used directly as an effect in Nero Video. Several trackers per video are possible.

1-Click Video Story

A very comfortable new feature that helps creating polished movies and slideshows in a snap. Simply drag & drop photos and videos to the drop zone in Nero Video and select ‘1-Click Video Story’. All files will automatically be loaded into a pre-designed video project complete with intro and outro sequence, effects, captions and matching music. Simply preview the video project, export, and share it.

Nero AI Photo Tagger

Users can choose a directory to scan and will get the results presented within seconds. Now more than 100 keywords are supported, from birthday to camping to desert. This allows photo libraries to be indexed and sorted more precisely. Furthermore, the tag management in Nero MediaHome has been improved, resulting in less memory requirements and faster results.






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