How to use a video template for free?

Making professional looking videos doesn’t have to be hard

Nero Video comes with a wide variety of premium video themes for promoting your sale on social media, starting a vlog or creating a slideshow presentation. Start with a free video theme for any industry or hobby project, and fully customize it to make it your own. The latest version of Nero Video introduced the option save any creation as your own template. So if you want to create a bunch of videos with the same style you can do this now easily. Swap in your footage into the drop zones and your personalized video is finished. Here comes an example:

All you need to do to create such a stylish video yourself is to install Nero Video for free (see below) and download the template for free:

Just drag and drop your photos and videos into the drop zones on the timeline, adjust the intro and outro text and hit export. Done.

How to get Nero Video for free (for 30 days)?

  • Go to
  • This will trigger the donwload of Nero Start
  • After the download has finished click on the downloaded file to install Nero Start
  • On first startup Nero Start will ask you for your email adress
  • Fetch the password you received via email and copy it in the password field in Nero Start
  • Now click on “Try the full Nero Platinum features for free” on top of the screen, this will give you a 30 day extended trial
  • Click the install button beside Nero Video do install the application
  • Launch Nero Video
  • Inside the start screen of Nero Video select “Get complete content”
  • This brings you back to Nero Start, click the “Installs tab” and install Nero Content Pack 1, Nero Content Pack 2 and Nero LifeThemes PRO (2.5 GB in total)

May I create landscape and portrait video templates?

At the moment custom created templates are available in landscape mode only.

What assets are readily available to use?

There are 62 audio tracks, 10 Full HD sample pictures and one 720p video clip directly available in Nero Videos “My Media” section after installing all three content packs. In the “Effect Palette” there are an additional 48 Full HD backgrounds, 25 field elements, 25 speech bubbles, 66 frames, 18 lines and 17 vignettes available. The 136 themes that come with the product can be applied for usage in templates, too.

Pro Tip: Do following search *.png OR *.jpg OR *.WMA OR *.WMV size:>50KB across this folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Nero\NeroContent via Windows Explorer. This will surface many individual assets that are utilized in different areas of the product.

May I use assets downloaded from the internet?

Feel free to use any of the assets provided with the product inside of a template. Other than this, we recommend that you use assets completely created by yourself. Photos/Videos shot by yourself without recognizable people and without recognizable buildings, paintings inside. Music composed and performed by yourself. Pictures/animations created by yourself from scratch without relying on other creators materials. This is especially important if you would like to share the template with others or publish videos created with a template on YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.

What are the individual steps to create a template?

Make sure your Nero Video version is at least 25.5.X.X or higher to use this feature.


  1. Create a 4K advanced movie project with videos, photos, music, effects, filters
  2. Save the project as standard video editing project to be able to make corrections later on
  3. Save the project as template and from the list of included assets unmark those who should be replaced with a drop zone (see screenshot below)
  4. Load the template in Nero Video, fill all the drop zones with different content
  5. Export the video to check if the template works as intended
  6. In case you want to apply any changes re-open the initial project from step 2. and make your corrections
The original project, before it is saved as template.
The “Save As…” button under the timeline brings you to a screen that offers “Save as template”
The background video and the audio track should be included in the template, all pictures will become placeholders

Tip: The template will be saved as one big file containing all assets, with the file extension .nvt, if you would like to share the template with others you should try to keep the file sizes of the individual assets as small as possible (e.g. low bitrate for audio/video clips and strong compression, pictures as .JPG instead of larger file formats)

How does a blank template look like?

If you load a template and export it without filling the drop zones and without changing the text it will look like this:

Are multi-layered animations with keyframes and alpha channel possible?

Yes, as you can see in the video this is possible and already utilized in several themes. For example: The “My Day” and the “Pets” themes.

Pro Tip: You can double-click on any asset in the timeline and copy the file path from the metadata tab to open any asset in Windows Explorer and to investigate it further. E.g. “C:\Program Files (x86)\Nero\NeroContent\Nero Content Pack 2\MovieWizard\MyDay-1\My-Day-1_Intro_4K.png”

May I use pre-define Picture-in-Picture effects in a template?

Yes. As Picture-in-Picture effects are a small template in itself you don’t have to fill the drop zones before saving the project as template. Your project needs to contain additional assets beside the Picture-in-Picture effect to be able to save it as template.

Anything to consider in regards to sharing a template?

For your personal use on your PC we have covered everything so far and the following points can be ignored.

However, if you are planning to share your templates with others we strongly recommend to follow the recommendations below:

You might want to limit yourself to 5 tracks maximum so others can utilize the template easily. Technically a vast number of tracks is possible, however the user needs to be able to fill all drop zones quickly and might loose a bit of oversight, if the template is too complex.

There might be additional fonts installed on your PC that are not available on other PCs. Therefore we recommend only to use fonts that are available in Windows 10 and 11 to ensure consistent results. Those are:

Avoid using 3D Themes as part of the template. 3D Themes are e.g. Gallery, Movement, 50s Pop Up and many more. If the theme has an asset named “Scene Content” on the timeline it is a 3D theme and shouldn’t be used.






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