Create an amazing UltraHD slideshow video in Keynote for free – FHD, 4k, 8k

Open Keynote on your Mac and choose the “Basic White” template

Apple Keynote's Choose a Theme screen

Choose “Blank” as the “Slide Layout”

Apple Keynote with the basic template

In the upper right corner select “Document”

Apple Keynote Document settings

Choose “Custom Size” in the “Slide Size” dropdown

Apple Keynote Document properties

Type the video resolution you would like to achieve (7680 x 4320 for 8K, 3840 x 2160 for 4K)

Apple Keynote set the size to 8K Ultra HD

Drag and drop your first picture into the empty document space. Ideally is has the same resolution

Apple Keynote with a 8K photo

Duplicate the slide as many times as you need by right click on the small icon marked with “1” on the left sidebar and choosing “Duplicate”

Apple Keynote with duplicate slides

Go to each slide individually click on the picture and choose “Replace” under “Format” “Image”

Apple Keynote replace with different photos

After replacing the first image with individual ones, select all thumbnails in the left sidebar

Apple Keynote showing the result

and select an transition (e.g. Clothesline) under “Add an effect”

Apple Keynote applying transition effect

Now you can preview your slideshow by pressing “Play” and pressing the space bar to step through the slides.

If you are happy with the result, please go to the menu bar and select “File > Export To > Movie”…

Apple Keynote Export To Movie...

Retype the resolution here and define the time each image should stay on the screen under “Go to next slide after”

Apple Keynote Export Settings for 8K

Name the file and export it. Open the amazing result in QuickTime Player. To add an audio track drag and drop it onto the video in QuickTime Player and save it again.

Apple QuickTime Player playing the result

Now copy the resulting file on a USB Stick, attach it to your 8K TV and enjoy it.

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