Introduction to Nero MediaHome 01- Import media

Overview: The video introduces Nero MediaHome, an all-in-one media manager. It explains how to import media files and provides a general overview of the software.

Importing Media Files

  • To import media files, remove the demo content from the library and add your own media.
  • You can define for each folder you import if there are photos, videos, or music included.
  • Nero MediaHome will go through all the pictures you just added and create a thumbnail view for you.
  • On the right side of the screen, you can see when the content was recorded with categories represented by small bullets.
  • You can browse the library while thumbnails are still being generated.

 Geo-tagging Photos

  • Photos with places information have a geo-tagging indicator in the corner.
  • You can expand the sidebar to see where a photo was shot.
  • If a photo has no such information, you can add it later.

 Importing Videos

  • To import videos, go to options and select “my videos” or “your personal videos.”
  • You can also have folders with movies and TV shows.
  • Nero MediaHome is designed to support many files.
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