Introduction to Nero MediaHome 02 – Movies & Music

Overview: In this part of the Nero Media Home deep dive, we will cover music and movies.

Adding Music Files

  • Similar to photos and videos, we can add music files to Nero MediaHome.
  • The software displays the music in a nice way with some of the cover art and album details.
  • For files that don’t have embedded information, Nero MediaHome uses an online service called Gracenote to find cover art for all the files.

Adding Movies

  • We can add movies to our media library by selecting the folder containing all the movie files and marking them as videos.
  • This time, we select “movies” instead of “my videos” as content type.
  • The movies are presented on a dark background to differentiate from personal content.
  • Nero MediaHome checks based on the file name which movie it is and downloads the movie cover using a website where all movies in the world are registered.

Downloading Movie Covers

  • Nero Media Home downloads movie covers and some information about each movie from a website where all movies in the world are registered.
  • It takes some time for this process to complete.
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