Introduction to Nero MediaHome 03

In this video, we will cover TV shows and importing media files from smartphones using the Wi-Fi Transfer app.

TV Shows

  • TV shows have seasons and episodes, which can be imported into Nero Media Home.
  • The top level displays the total number of episodes available for each show.
  • Nero MediaHome downloads all covers and episode information for TV shows.
  • Each episode has a picture thumbnail instead of album art.

Importing Media Files from Smartphones

  • The Wi-Fi Transfer app can be used to import media files wirelessly from smartphones onto the hard disk.
  • The Wi-Fi Transfer app is free and can be installed on Android or iPhone devices.
  • After setting up the connection, the device will appear in Nero Media Home without any USB cable.
  • The app displays all content on the phone separated by photos and videos.
  • Users can select items to import and choose to put them in an album with a custom name.

Creating Albums

  • Users can create albums to organize their media files in Nero Media Home.
  • Albums can be named according to their content for easy retrieval later on.
  • This is one of many ways users can manage their media files in Nero Media Home.