Introduction to Nero MediaHome 09 – Backup & Restore

In this part, we will learn about how to backup and restore the media library in Nero MediaHome.

Importance of Backup and Restore

  • After spending a lot of time creating the perfect media library, it is important to have a backup in case of hard disk crashes or when setting up a new PC.
  • Nero MediaHome comes with a built-in solution for backing up and restoring the media library.

Library Copy Wizard

  • To access the backup feature, go to Settings and select “Library Copy.”
  • The wizard will guide you through the process of backing up your entire media library or just the media files.
  • An external hard drive is required for making backups.

Backup Process

  • The wizard shows how many photos, videos, and music files are present in your library.
  • You can choose to back up all files or just the media library.
  • The backup process is fast and smooth.

Restoring from Backup

  • To restore from a backup, go to Settings and select “Paste Library.”
  • Select the backup file from your external hard drive.
  • Everything will be restored as it was before.


  • Backing up your media library provides peace of mind.
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