RetroTech’93 – CD-ROM for Games, Software and Multimedia

Computer Chronicles

00:00:15 Digitizing Video for CD-ROM Game

Summary: Electronic Arts is digitizing video footage for a new CD-ROM game called “The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes.”

00:01:14 Benefits of CD-ROM Software

  • CD-ROMs can hold over 600 megabytes of data.
  • Developers can include digitized photos, animations, sound, and graphics.
  • Reference materials are a prime area for CD-ROM software.
  • Vendors sell collections of sound, animation, and audio clips.

00:03:11 Choosing a CD-ROM Drive

  • Speed and format compatibility are important distinctions.
  • All standards are converging towards the XA pinnacle format.
  • It is recommended to get a standard interface on the CD-ROM drive such as SCSI.
  • Users must decide whether they want an internal or external drive.
  • Cheaper drives may not be compatible with all formats or offer high speeds.

0:06:00 Murder Mystery Game

Summary: The game has three different murder mysteries to solve, each illustrated by 90 minutes of video on each disc. Real actors and actresses are used in the sets.

  • The game provides a list of names of potential suspects.
  • Players can visit people mentioned in the video to gather clues.
  • Eventually, players must decide who the murderer is and go to court to try their case.

0:06:54 Interactive Video Game

Summary: The game is interactive video and can be played on any machine with a CD drive.

0:08:11 Jazz Multimedia History

Summary: Jazz is an educational and entertaining multimedia history CD-ROM that started as a book.

  • There are 24 different chapters included in the CD-ROM.
  • Each chapter covers specific persons or different eras throughout jazz history.
  • There are text, picture, and music sections available.

0:09:22 Multimedia Features

  • There are video clips included in the CD-ROM.
  • Some photos have a magnifying glass icon that allows users to zoom in further.
  • Sheet music examples are available with corresponding audio clips.
  • There are six videos included totaling about 20 minutes of content.

0:12:05 Swing Style Hi-Hat Playing

Summary: CD-ROM technology can be used for educational purposes.

  • Jazz is an ageless genre that appeals to both teenagers and older generations.
  • CD-ROM technology can be used for educational purposes, such as providing access to a vast library of books.
  • Access Pennsylvania is a cd-rom software that allows students at a high school in Pennsylvania to search for books by author, title or subject.
  • Students can also search through ten years worth of readers guides to periodical literature in just seconds.

0:15:34 Optical Storage Technology

Summary: Optical storage technology is being used on game consoles and portable information managers.

  • Turbo Technologies sells a bundle product called Desktop Library which includes a cd-rom drive, 16-bit sound board, and seven cd-rom titles.
  • The Presidents disk included in the bundle has text, pictures, and video content about US presidents.
  • Turbo Duo game console can be turned into an external cd-rom drive for IBM PC or Macintosh using a prototype card.

0:18:18 Advantages of Using CD-ROM for Gaming

  • CD-ROMs offer greater storage capacity and CD audio sound.
  • Games like Lords of Thunder require more storage than a standard cartridge can handle.
  • CD-ROMs allow for better audio, animation, and graphics.

0:19:36 Educational Software on Game Consoles

  • Thomas’s Snowsuit by Discus Books is an interactive educational software that teaches languages.
  • The software has an easy-to-use interface and allows users to touch pictures to learn Spanish.

0:20:49 Multimedia CD Player

  • The multimedia CD player is a portable device that plays audio CDs and CD ROMs, including video clips and animation.
  • It’s designed for business and professional users who need access to large databases on-the-go.
  • It has a built-in LCD screen and video out for connecting to standard monitors with NTSC in.

00:15 Electronic Arts Video Lab
00:25 Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes
00:35 CD-ROM Software & Hardware
01:17 Chess Games
02:05 CD-ROM Advantages
02:36 Reference Materials
03:10 CD-ROM Drive Choices
06:02 Sherlock Holmes Game
08:22 Jazz: A Multimedia History
12:05 Snow Suit
13:05 Access Pennsylvania
15:32 Multimedia Capability
17:04 Turbo Duo Game Console
19:01 Lords of Thunder
23:35 Multimedia CD Player