Edit faster – Nero Video shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts to finish your video editing projects in half of the time.

The timeline – the area where you are spending most of the time

  • Play/Pause = space bar
  • Go forward/backward one frame in the playback = left/right arrow keys
  • Move the timeline left and right = mouse wheel
  • Zoom in and out of the timeline = CTRL + mouse wheel
  • Reset the timeline zoom to 100% = CTRL + 0
  • Move selected clips left and right = CTRL + left/right arrow keys
  • Magnet on/off = M
  • Switch to cut tool = C
  • Switch back to standard = V
  • Switch to slip tool = S (Allows you to move the beginning and the and of a trim simultaneously)
  • Switch to roll tool = R (Allows you to move the cut between two clips simultaneously)
  • Enable multi-selection = H
  • Jump back and forth between cuts = page up/down
  • Delete object = Del
  • Toggle full-screen preview = F11
  • Expand and collapse timeline elements (Tracks, Video, Audio) =F8
  • Jump between effect palette and my media = F5/F6
  • Add more files/import = CTRL+I

Of course, all the typical shortcuts like CTRL+C (copy), CTRL+V (paste), CTRL+A (select all), CTRL+S (save), CTRL+Z (undo) and CTRL+Y (redo) are supported, too.






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